About Us

PARKEZE is a fully sensor based smart parking solution developed by Parkeze Technologies Private Limited

Do you know what is the toughest job after driving through crazy traffic in Indian cities ? Finding a place to park the car so that you can focus on the lunch / dinner in the restaurant, meet people, enjoy the movie. Even if there is a place to park, you are not sure that if your car be unscratched till you come back.

To help all the car owners reliable and easy parking Parkeze Technologies Private Limited came up with PARKEZE mobile app. You can book the parking near to your destination even before you start or you can search for nearest parking space with empty parking slots and book a parking.

PARKEZE is simple, user-friendly and easy to adapt solution that makes your parking regime a convenient and hassle-free affair.



All Parking Types

With Parkeze, users have access to seek the favorable parking spot which save time, resources and effort at the same time.


Save Time

Saves time spend in searching for available parking spaces. Visitors are guided quickly and easily to their nearest space with digital display


Advanced Booking

Advanced slot booking with PARKEZE & visitor knows parking slot at the entry itself


Hassle Free Parking

Reserve a space with a few taps and skip the parking hunt.


Easy entry and exit

A parking guidance system which uses red and green LED-based space indicators and electronic display boards will also guide you to available car parking spaces.


Cashless Transactions

Exchange of money takes place via cheque, RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, demand draft, debit card, credit card or through UPI.

Parkeze Flow





How it works

Parking with our PARKEZE is a simple 3-step process!